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Renowned for its unique ergonomic dip,
The EasySleeper® Pillow is designed to
relieve neck stiffness, shoulder pain and
tension headaches.

At ease, at last.

Gift yourself with nurturing, refreshing sleep. Every single night. Soothing bedtime relief for your:

  • Stiff neck

  • Shoulder pain

  • Tension headaches

  • Arthritis/spondylosis

  • Pinched nerve

  • Chronic whiplash

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A gentle massage session. All night. Every night.

Get your spine perfectly aligned. Ease the aches and pains. And improve your posture. Most pillows lack support. They curve your spine; aggravate the aches. The EasySleeper:

  • Supports your head and neck

  • Straightens your spine

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Sleep better with EasySleeper®

The Original EasySleeper™ Pillow


The EasySleeper™ memory foam pillow eliminates neck and upper back pain and stiffness by correcting your posture while you sleep.

EasySleeper™ Silk Pillow Case


The Ultimate EasySleeper® Bundle


Sleep Easy Weighted Blanket


Sleep Easy Blue Light Glasses


EasySleeper™ 100% Linen Pillowcase


EasySleeper™ 100% Cotton Pillowcase


EasySleeper™ Ultra-Soft Pillow Protector


Soothing Lavender Pillow Spray - All Natural


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The pain was completely gone

I have been struggling with neck pains and headaches for a couple of years now. I was getting pretty desperate for relief. I ordered this pillow and honestly, I’m a skeptic so I didn't have high hopes. Within a day or two of sleeping on this pillow the pain was completely gone. I'm blown away.

Joseph A. London

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Neck pain and discomfort is often caused by the neck becoming locked in an awkward position whilst sleeping

Snooze away your aches and pains

The EasySleeper® Pillow hugs your neck and cradles your head. Wake up each morning to relaxed muscles and new found energy.

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Sleep - the ultimate health elixir.

Supportive, uninterrupted sleep is your key to:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

  • Succeeding at work

  • Feeling cheerful

  • Looking youthful & vibrant

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Traditional Pillow vs The EasySleeper®

Upgrade your pillow - upgrade your sleep

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