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EasySleeper™ Linen Pillowcase


"I have to say, I was very sceptical about buying yet another pillow. But this one works!!! I have already experienced a marked reduction in shoulder and neck pain since I started sleeping on the EasySleeper pillow."

Product information

  • Material

    100% Linen

  • Size

    69cm x 43cm

Introducing 100% Linen Pillow Case

These linen pillowcases feel luxurious and casual at the same time. Linen has a comforting lived in feel due to its natural properties, and it gets softer with every wash. Linen is also bacteria resistant and helps regulate your body temperature when you sleep, so it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Made to fit The Original EasySleeper pillow.

What you get: 1x EasySleeper™ Linen Pillow Case

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