EasySleeper™ Ultra-Soft Pillow Protector

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The EasySleeper™ Ultra-Soft Pillow Protector is the perfect companion for your EasySleeper. Soft, comfortable and tailored to meet the ergonomic shape. Grab a spare for when your extra is in the wash - just add it in with your usual whites load.

"These protectors are beautifully soft and very comfortable. They fit the shape of the pillow perfectly which is essential to get the best from the ergonomic shape. Would highly recommend."

The Perfect Companion For Your EasySleeper

Our famous white scuba EasySleeper protector is designed to meet the unique shape of your pillow. You'll receive one as standard with your EasySleeper, but customers often find it useful to pick up another for when it's in the wash.

Product information

  • Materials

    The EasySleeper white scuba protector is made from a cotton and polyester blend.

  • Washing instructions

    Just wash your easycare protector in with your whites as standard. No-worry-washing!


Rated 4.9

  • Nasima Y.
    Verified buyer

    An absolute god send!!!

    I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for many years. Tried all different types of pillows memory foam, goose feather, duck feather you name it, I tried it. At long last I have come across this sleep easy pillow which has eliminated all aspects of my neck and shoulder pain within the first use. This pillow will feel a little weird and uncomfortable at the beginning of its use but as your back and shoulders get used to the angles and comfort positioning of how you sleep it is absolutely amazing. Will be taking this on my holiday abroad with me!!

  • Katie B.
    Verified buyer

    Unbelievably good

    Absolutely great .... so pleased I read reviews and decided to purchase. Thought it all sounded a little too good to be true but it’s been a life changer! Having purchased so many pillows ( very expensive, very cheap.... everything) I thought this one would probably end up at the charity shop like the others.... but it’s an absolute keeper. The first night it seemed very flat and I did wake a few times to feel that I had my head in the little dip. But absolutely no neck pain.... it’s soft but supportive and just cushions your head and neck. I don’t think I could bear going back to a normal pillow now. My husband and daughter also use one now. I was waking tired from having such a bad nights sleep and then suffering neck and shoulder pain during the day. This really has been a game changer for me and I will be buying them for friends & family at xmas as it’s an absolute must for anyone with aches & pains. Thank you so much for a brilliant product and great service.

  • Rob M.
    Verified buyer

    Totally a different night !

    I have bad neck pain and over the years my body has changed in position for sleeping evidently ! I’d try one or two pillows to no avail to alleviate my problem I had to try something if not anything ! Luckily I saw the ad from sleep easy , why not give it a go ! What a transformation “ the only pillow you will need” they said ! So true I stand by them , it’s amazing and my nights now are as good as I had when I was a teenager ! This pillow is groundbreaking , for anyone who suffers then I would recommend it very strongly , sleep easy are experts in their field trust them I do !!

What you get: 1x EasySleeper™ Ultra-Soft Pillow Protector

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